• restaurant marketing app development


    Your favorite restaurant menus, now in the palm of your hands!

    With our Smart Restaurant App, your guests can now view the menu from your restaurant, complete with pictures and description of each dish. On their smartphone, at the touch of a finger!
  • Now order take out or home delivery. All at the touch of a finger!

    Your guests can order a take out while paying at the restaurant, or they can order their favorite food while still at home. Pay cash on delivery! The app makes it oh-so-simple!

    Another cool feature of the app!

    Guests can order food while waiting their turn at the restaurant! Saves your time and labor costs!
  • 'When a guest "Likes" a menu item or "Dislikes" it they are giving your restaurant your valuable feedback! Guests are able to give your restaurant instant feedback after tasting the food there! This will help your restaurant to make changes as needed! Your "hot" dishes! Favorites are stored for the future! Your guests can now create a favorite list with the items of their choice so that when they visit your restaurant the next time they don't waste time trying to remember what they liked the last time! Save on precious time! Refer to other "likes" Guests can see what other customers have liked and then order the same items! Guests see the aximum likes for a dish now you can order it too!

    Rate your restaurant. Wow it with your testimonial! You can now record your candid testimonial directly into the app.

    Guests get rewarded for using the app! Every time guests engage with your restaurant, they earn some Loyalty Points!

    You control the points and the rewards!
    restaurant loyalty rewards program
    smart restaurants app
    Guests can use the app even in offline mode! Once the app is downloaded restaurant guests can view menu items even in the offline mode!
    Can't locate your restaurant? The app will help you find it! All details about restaurant in the palm of your hand! The direction feature in the app will help you locate your restaurant.
    Never-so-easy before.

    Opening and closing hours. Address, phone numbers. Email.
    Check it all out from the app!
    smart phone restaurant app
    restaurant app loyalty program
    Guests never miss out on great offers! Your restaurant will keep guests posted about every new offer or promotion to encourage them to return!
    restaurant app programming
    Guests can view past orders instantly from their smart phones! Guests can view all of their previous orders on our smart phone app. Address for home delivery stored in the app! More precious time is saved! The app will store addresses of all previous orders. This makes it easy for your restaurant staff and guests.
    restaurant app rewards program
    Love your restaurant? Now take a tour! Guests can view pictures of your restaurant from the photo gallery!
    restaurant app online reservations
    Guests make table reservations while you are busy guests in the restaurant! Guests make hassle-free, reservations for a table at your restaurant! Saves your time and makes things simple for your customers.