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Low Start Up Costs

Now there is no reason to spend a fortune on restaurant app development. We have created the perfect restaurant app for your restaurant. Our restaurant smart phone app has a loyalty and rewards program built into the app. Customers can view menu pictures and info on the app.

Social Media Marketing Built Into Our Restaurant App

Our smart phone restaurant app handles your social media marketing. In addition to all the other benifits of our restaurant app you will be able to reward customers with loyalty points when they use the app to post testimonials about your restaurant on Facebook.

You decide what the rewards will be and how many points a restaurant customer gets for posting a testimonial.

There are plenty of “Review” sites where people post comments about the restaurants they visit. Our restaurant app is the only one that encourages people to say great things about your restaurant on Facebook for all their friends to see. The average Facebook user has 120 friends and when your restaurant guest uses our app to write a testimonial and post it to Facebook they are informing 120 of their friends about your restaurant.