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  • Tech Savvy Restaurants

    We are dedicated to providing you with a smart phone App with best features for your restaurant. The idea of this App is to help restaurant owners to start-up, implement and market a restaurant by using the app. This mobile app technology can be leveraged to increase sales, streamline processes, create a loyalty program and and increase customer satisfaction which leads to increased sales and profitability.
    Now take out or home delivery is just a finger touch away. No more waiting time for clients because they can make table reservation with the touch of a finger. This restaurant smart phone App is designed to draw customers in again and again and make their loyalty aid your brand image. With the social networking aspect integrated into the App, it goes a long way in marketing and reaching your target audience at every nook at corner at a pace which is not found in other restaurant apps. The App is all set to change the way in which Restaurants and Hotels shall operate in days to come.

    If you could have the perfect smart phone app for your restaurant, just think of all the features this app might include. Maybe you would want your restaurant app to have the features shown below.

    smart phone marketing app
    • Customers can view menu items
    • Customers can order before they get to the restaurant or while waiting in line
    • Customers get reward points based upon the value of the total bill
    • Customers get special incentives that the general public doesn't know about
    • Customers get reward points for telling their friends about the restaurant on Facebook
    • Customers can see a record of what they ordered on previous visits
    • Customers can see a map and get directions to your restaurant
    • Customers can see the favorite items that others liked
    • Customers can make reservations directly from the app
    • Customers can LIKE your restaurant Facebook page from within the app

    There are plenty of apps and websites where people can write reviews about restaurants. People have little motivation to write anything about a restaurant using the review apps and sites. Often these reviews turn into places to whine and complain about insignificant things. Our restaurant app was developed to help restaurants market their business at a very low cost. We have already had our team of app developers working on this app for six months to include all the important features that restaurant owners want. Now for a small one-time setup cost and low monthly fee your restaurant can benefit from all the features of our app.

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